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We are committed to providing you with high-quality frits and glazes, tailored to your needs and manufactured to your standards.

About Kasmaji About Kasmaji

Introducing PT. Kasmaji Inti Utama

We are a ceramic frit manufacturer based in Indonesia with a production capacity of up to 63,000 metric tonnes per annum. Our team of highly energetic researchers and glaze technicians are prepared to work closely with customers in order to provide products and services of the highest level. Owing to the great deal of trust that have been built throughout the years with our customers, we have managed to grow rapidly and establish our primacy as Indonesia’s leading supplier of frits and glazes that is fully owned by local shareholders.


The "Kasmaji Guarantee"

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Customer Oriented

We are prepared to support our customers at all times by providing first-rate product and services.

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Robust Quality Management System

We implement quality management system standards in every phase of our manufacturing process.

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We always push ourselves in order to maintain continuous improvement and innovation in our processes, technology and human capital.

About Kasmaji

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